Google Adds-on with Add-ons!


If you are using Google Docs in your class you might want to check out the addition of what are called “Add-ons”.  Add-ons are third party apps/tools that can add a lot to a doc and save you and your students time with workflow, citing sources, creating flow charts, and many other services.  You just need to open a Google Doc in your drive, look for the “Add-ons” tab and start checking out what is available.  Here are a few that I have tried and like:

Lucidchart, Mindmeister, Gliffy Diagrams for creating flow charts, graphic organizers, venn diagrams, etc. that can be placed right into a Doc.

EasyBib Bibliography Creator Search for books, journals, and websites and format your citations using MLA, APA, and Chicago styles, and create your Work Cited page all within your document.

Kaizena for adding voice and written comments, tags to student papers or use for peer review.

Thesaurus Select a word and then choose Thesaurus from this menu.

Translate Allows you or students to translate text from and to a variety of different languages.

Charts Insert a graph/chart into your doc.  The sidebar will open and walk you through a few simple steps to choose a spreadsheet and the data for your chart.

Track Changes Shows students and teachers any changes in highlights that they make to a document.  Great for revisions to quickly see what has been changed without looking at Revision History.


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