Change the reality of your classroom…Google Glass + Aurasma = Fun & Engagement!


Augmented Reality with Google Glass + Aurasma

“Before we begin todays lesson read the lab on pages…” not exactly the most dynamic or engaging way to start a high school lab activity!  How about something like “Open up your Aurasma app on your phone and point your camera to the first page of today’s lab”.  When those science students hold up their iPad or iPhone to the first page of their lab in their textbook a quick purple flash appears letting the students know the “Trigger” has been activated.  When students click on the screen they are directed to a youtube video created by the teacher using Google Glass showing them proper lab technique and look fors before they dive in.  

 Aurasma is an app that can transform the reality of your classroom by using a “Trigger”, which can be a picture, image, or object, to make magic happen on a screen.  The magic comes in the form of a video, website, 3D animation, etc. that a teacher creates or finds to share with their students.  As a teacher you will immediately know when the magic happens just by the looks on your students faces!  The fun part for the teacher is “hiding” Triggers for students to find and discover new information in an engaging way.

So many uses!

I have seen teachers use this technology in a ton of creative ways, a quick google search of Aurasma in the classroom will lead you to a bunch of ideas such as:

  • Bringing word walls to life
  • Create a “living” textbook with links to video, sites, etc.
  • School tour information for open house
  • Teacher bio info outside of your classroom
  • AR treasure hunts
  • Virtual field trips
  • Immersive worksheets – make them come alive
  • Trigger to a Google Doc/Form/Spreadsheet etc.
  • Differentiate instruction by having students who “get it” create a video/trigger for those who don’t
  • Trigger your Google Glass video for a real life physics lesson in an amusement park

I think this is really just the tip of the iceberg in how teachers can use this technology to engage students and parents in a fun way.  The only limitation to the tool is the imagination of the teacher and students using it.

Getting Started

To learn how to create your own “Aura” check out  This will let you create an aura on your own device but if you want to create a channel for your students to follow for auras that you create you first need to set up an account on Aurasma Studio.  Watch this short tutorial video about Aurasma Studio to learn the ins and outs of the tool.

One of my favorite sites for an easy walk through for Aurasma in the classroom comes from the Two Guys and Some iPads website, thanks Drew & Brad!


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