Geddit, Goddit, Good!

Much of my work over the past few months has been to support the new Teacher Principal Evaluation Project (TPEP) for my School District in Washington State.  My District selected the Marzano Framework for TPEP, one of the things that I like about the framework is that everyone now has common language on research supported teaching strategies that improve student achievement.  One of the driving principles in my job is to help make administrator and teacher jobs easier or more efficient through the use of technology.  I like education technology tools that work really well, are easy to use, are effective at increasing student achievement, educator skill and productivity.  I like education technology tools like Geddit.

Geddit is a free web based app that puts the student at the center of their own learning, allowing teachers to monitor student understanding in real time.  Geddit gives every student a voice in class and includes a request help button for students who are not comfortable raising their hand in front of their peers.  Teacher setup is a simple process and the real time data available to the teacher is valuable for differentiation in the classroom.


Teachers create learning targets that show up on student devices for “check-in” a few times during each lesson.  As students check-in their names are color coded on the teacher device according to their self-reported level of understanding.

Geddit_Differentiation_ScreenshotTeachers can use this visual information to trigger a number of differentiation strategies. They can also create multiple choice, poll, and short answer questions to send to students to check for understanding throughout a lesson.  At the end of a lesson the teacher has a rich data pool to evaluate student understanding and teaching effectiveness.


One of the new features Geddit has created is a weekly teacher report that gives you a breakdown of the number of check-ins and the confidence level of your students.  The weekly report will provide valuable information about your students that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.  


When I aligned the Marzano Framework model to the tools in Geddit I found that 12 of 32 components and 11 of 24 elements can be addressed depending on how the teacher uses the feedback Geddit offers.  For a teacher on a Focus plan using Geddit effectively on a regular basis will provide more than enough evidence for a Proficient (3) or Distinguished (4) evaluation score.  For a teacher on the Comprehensive plan Geddit can provide evidence for a majority of their evaluation requirements.

For administrators and teacher going through the early phases of change it can be easy to lose sight of the purpose of TPEP which is to increase student achievement.  Research clearly shows that the more effective a Teacher is in the art and science of their craft the higher their students should achieve.  The proper use of technology tools like Geddit can be a powerful ally to achieve this purpose.

Feel free to contact me  if you are interested in which pieces of the Marzano Framework Geddit hits and the strategies a teacher can use to reach a proficient or distinguished rating level.  I provide PD on several other technology tools and strategies that address the majority of the requirements for TPEP to make both administrator and teacher jobs easier and lead to increased student achievement.


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