“Oh! I love that game” Dream Box


A couple of months ago I received an email that I now have administrative permissions for some Math program called DreamBox.  Since I support many teachers in my district with technology integration in their classroom I figured I should probably see what it was all about.  I logged into my account at home and started looking through how many teachers have been using it, different features, what student reports look like, etc.  I tried a few of the lessons and thought that the imaginative avatars and game like “play” of the different math lessons would make it fun for students to use.

My 1st grade son walked up to me as I was cruising through some of the lessons and said “Oh! I love that game, can I show you how to play?”  My first thought was “well, that is a win!”.  So we logged into his account on the iPad and he proceeded to show me how to “play” different games while learning a few new ones.  I sat back and watched him work through material and make sense of new information.  He was able to use the “hint” button if he didn’t understand something new and had an opportunity to try again if he got a problem wrong.  My son already has a solid foundation and love of math due in large part to the great teachers he has had up to this point in his education.  I know that I would have benefited from this type of game based learning environment as an Elementary student, it sure beats the heck out of flashcards!

On the student side DreamBox is built on a solid engaging game based platform that encourages student motivation with rewards.  The Intelligent Adaptive Learning Engine personalizes lessons for each student moving them toward competency-based learning.  It recognizes more than just ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers, it evaluates student strategies and immediately adjust the lesson.  DreamBox adapts the challenge level and sequencing of information in real-time allowing students to progress at a pace that works for their learning.  There are many different pathways students can take to get to the finish line of understanding and comprehension.  Learning is student driven, imaginative, and fun!


On the teacher side of DreamBox you can see real-time reports on progress and proficiency.  It also provides teachers notifications for students who are struggling or working inefficiently in DreamBox.  Reports are also available for academic progress for entire classrooms on a unit by unit basis as well as tracking against CCSS.  The material and lessons in DreamBox is aligned to CCSS, Texas TEKS, Virginia SOL, Canada WNCP, & Canada Ontario Curriculum Reports.


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